Polar Research - Arctic and Antarctic Perspectives
in the International Polar Year

July 8 - 11, 2008
St.Petersburg, Russia


Post-Conference tours

An attractive social programme is organised after the conference for participants and accompanying persons.

All tours will take place only in case of not less than 10 participants. You are welcome to book the tour until June 01, 2008 through On-line registration system.
Cancellation should be made in written form only and forwarded to the Congress Service Agency Monomax  PCO by e-mail: osc2008@onlinereg.ru or by fax +7 (812) 335 20 39.
For cancellations received before June 15, 2008 the sum of payment will be refunded completely (minus banking costs).  All refunds will be proceeded after the Conference.

Price per
person, RUR
Tour to Great Novgorod
1 day
9.00 from the Conference Venue
3 500
Tour to Vyborg
1 day
9.00 from the Conference Venue
3 000
12.07.08 - 15.07.08
Tour to Moscow
(departure directly from Moscow)
4 days
from the Hotel
16 000 (+13800 for SGL room  or 16500 for DBL room)
12.07.08 - 15.07.08
Tour to Moscow
(departure from Saint-Petersburg)
4 days
from the Hotel
20 200 (+13800 for SGL room or 16500 for DBL room)


Tour to Great Novgorod

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Each country has town of particular significance in its history. For Russia, Veliky Novgorod is just such a town - a book celebrating Russia’s origins. It was here on the Volkhov river, at its source in the Ilmen Lake, that the political and a cultural centre of the Slav, Finno-Ugrian and Baltic peoples was the first founded. The town played an essential role in the formation of the Russian State and its democratic republican tradition.

First mentioned in 859, Veliky Novgorod is the oldest town in Russia.
It is also the only town in Russia that has preserved so many outstanding 10th to 17th centuries historic sites and architectual monuments, recognised as being of tremendous importance for the world. UNESCO has clasified Veliky Novgorod’s monuments as part of our World Cultural Heritage. It is perhaps the finest city in which to discover Russia’s true history and culture.

Price includes: Transport; English-speaking guide; Entrance fees to Kremlin, Sofia Cathedrale, Yaroslavo Dvorishe, Yuriev Monastery; Lunch

Tour to Vyborg

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Vyborg is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, 120 km north-east of St. Petersburg. Vyborg is known as one of the largest historical towns in Russia.The history of the town began with the construction of a castle in 1293 by Swedish,when they conquered Karelia Isthmus.In the year of 1403 Vyborg got official status of a town. Castle of middlecentury construction and engineering fortifications defined the town as town-fortress. Later Vyborg developed into a center of trade between the Novgorod merchants and Karelian hunters.

In the beginning of 18 century during the war actions of tsar Peter the 1 against Swedish soldiers Vyborg was joined to Russia. It was developing as the center of commerce simultaneously with St. Petersburg. The town developed as a forpost of Russia in the north-west part of the country,charged by famous generals Alexander Suvorov and Michail Kutusov. In the beginning of 19 century Finland,including Vyborg region was joined to Russia. Vyborg started to be known as a sea-port and industrial and trading centre.

Price includes: Transport; English-speaking guide; Entrance fees to Monrepo park and Olaf's tower; Lunch

Tour to Moscow

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During the tour you will see the city of Moscow and its most important and beautiful sights. Anyway you can’t miss the city center - Red Square with the Lenin Mausoleum, and Tverskaya Street. You will go to the Lenin’s Hills, which is considered to be the highest point of Moscow where you will enjoy a great panorama of the city. You will also visit the Kremlin and Diamond Fund.

The Kremlin is the symbol of Russia and the main tourist attraction of Moscow. Once the residence of Tsars and Patriarchs, today it is one of the biggest architectural ensembles in the world, which is included into the UNESCO list. During this excursion you will see the chambers and cathedrals inside the fortress. You will visit some of the churches in the area of Kremlin, walk by the Tsar Bell and the Tsar Cannon and see the unique and priceless collections of the Armory Chamber.

The Diamond Fund is a true treasure trove of thousands of loose diamonds, gold nuggets, and both ancient and modern jewelry of kinds. The collection of regalia in the Diamond Fund consists of the Great and Small crowns, maces, scepters, the Great Chain with the cross and star of the Order of St Andrew the First-Called and clasps to fasten the coronation mantle. All these items and are of great artistic, historical and material value. They were used almost without changes at all the coronations right up to that of Nicholas II in 1896.

In the southern part of Moscow lay the lands of the State Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno. It is the largest palatial ensemble in Russia – the residence of Catherine the Great constructed between 1775 and 1796. At beginning of the XIX century landscape park is located nearby. Its trees overlook the waters of the Upper Tsaritsyno pond, which together with the Shipilovsky and Borisovsky ponds form the largest cascade of ponds in Moscow. A tremendously rich complex of architectural objects is gathered here – the historic village sites, plowed fields, barrows dated from the VI thousand years B.C. to the beginning of the XII century. These parts remember the Streshnev family boyars, Golitsin and Kantemirov princely families, Catherine the Great and her brilliant associates, and many of the distinguished Russian statesmen of the XIX and XX centuries.

The unique monument of the 18th century, Kuskovo Estate, located in Perovsky district of Moscow, used to be the summer residence of Sheremetyev Counts. The architectural ensemble of the estate had been formed by the middle of the 18th century. Magnificent constructions such as the Palace, Grotto, Hermitage, Great stone conservatory, old church, and Italian and Dutch houses survived until nowadays. At Kuskovo there is also a very well preserved French regular park with ponds, pavilions and marble sculptures..


18:30  departure from St.Petersburg to Moscow by evening train
23:00 arrival to Moscow, transfer to the hotel, lunch in the hotel


08:30 breakfast
09:30 city tour with excursion to Vorobievi Hills and Poklonnaya Mountain
12:00 excursion to Kuskovo Estate
14:30 lunch in the restaurant
16:30 excursion to Tsarisyno
19:00 arrival to the hotel


08:30 breakfast
10:00 city tour with  Kremlin and Diamond Fund
13:00 lunch in the city restaurant
14:30 the second part of city tour
18:00 arrival to the hotel.


12:30 departure from the hotel to the railway station or transfer to the Moscow airport.
16:30 departure from Moscow to St. Petersburg  by evening train

Price per person: 16 000 RUR

This price is for persons who are planning their departure from Moscow on 15.07.2008 and includes: excursion around Moscow, 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches, English speaking guide, all entrances according the programme, one way ticket by comfortable train from St.Petersburg to Moscow, transfer to the Moscow airport.
Price per person: 20 200 RUR
This price is for persons who are planning their departure from St.Petersburg and includes: excursion around Moscow, 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches, English speaking guide, all entrances according the programme, round trip ticket by comfortable train: St. Petersburg -Moscow -St.Petersburg.

Monomax PCO provides the participants with hotel accommodation in hotel "Sputnik" in Moscow.

Price per 3 nights in SGL room: 13800 RUR

Price per 3 nights in DGL room: 16500 RUR

You can book the post - conference tour and hotel accommodation in Moscow  and make the payments at your  online registration page  at Additional Programme Section.
If you have any questions, contact us by e-mail: osc2008@onlinereg.ru