Polar Research - Arctic and Antarctic Perspectives
in the International Polar Year

July 8 - 11, 2008
St.Petersburg, Russia



The registration will take place in Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya Hotel, Business Hall (right from the entrance).

The registration desk schedule:

04 July: 8.00 18.00

05 July: 8.30 18.00

06 July: 8.30 18.00

07 July: 8.30 18.00

08 July: 8.00 18.00

09 July: 8.30 18.00

10 July: 8.30 18.00

11 July: 8.30 18.00


All debts for reserved services must be paid during the registration. No access to Conference sessions and no materials (participants bags) will be provided before the full payment for all options.

Please check all your payments in advance before arriving in St. Petersburg and do not forget to take all receipts and bills for these payment with you to avoid any possible problems.

Shuttle buses

Shuttle buses will make trips between AARI and Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya Hotel every 30 minutes from 8.00 to 18.00. The stop place of the shuttle bus and buses will be marked with the Conference logo.

Transfer service

The transfer service will be provided only for those persons who have made the reservation and the prepayment. In the arrival zone of the airport (or near the train head) you will be met by representative of Monomax holding the sign with the name of the Conference.

Coffee breaks

On 04 June, coffee breaks will take place opposite Business Hall.

From 05 till 07 June, coffee breaks will take place in Fountain Hall.

From 08 till 11 June, coffee breaks will take place in Sea Front.

Business Center

Business center with free access to Internet will be situated from 4 to 11 of June in Preview room (room A, R11) and from 8 to 11 of June - also in room B and C (R12 and R13).

Conference venues map


Presentations should be downloaded to the computer before your talk. This could be made in Preview Room (room A) from 10.00 till 18.00 every day. You should know your talk day, your session and talk before downloading the presentation.

All changes in the Conference program will be displayed on the newsboard near the Preview Room.

Contact phones

Information desk (available from 04 July)

+7-906-225-64-20 - mobile phone

+7-812-329-24-22 - local phone

Transfer call center (available from 02 July)

+7-906-225-71-24 - mobile phone

Please do not call to the transfer call center in case if your question is not connected with the transfer service. All reservations of new transfers should be made through the transfer desk in Business Hall.