Polar Research - Arctic and Antarctic Perspectives
in the International Polar Year

July 8 - 11, 2008
St.Petersburg, Russia


All foreign participants of the Conference must obtain a visa to enter Russian Federation.

Visa invitation type

Price, RUR


Tourist (fax copy)



Tourist (original  tourist visa voucher + mail expenses)


Period of delivery: approximately 3 weeks

Tourist (original tourist visa voucher + express mail expenses)


Period of delivery: 3-4 days

Business (original business visa voucher + express mail expenses)


Period of obtaining a visa: 1 month
Period of delivery: 3-4 days

Please note!!! In case you need the mail service please INDICATE your FULL ADRESS and telephone in COMMENTS section of VISA SUPPORT page.  If there will no information in Comments, we will send your documents to the adress that is indicated on the personal page.

Visa support is provided only for dates of the Conference.

Conference Service Agency Monomax  PCO provides participants with the tourist visa support papers (invitation & hotel voucher).

Monomax PCO has reference number of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Visa support documents are issued based on a personal information submitted by each participant during the registration on this web site (Visa Support section) or on your e-mail request sent to: osc2008@onlinereg.ru (when writing an email, please inform us of your login number that you got after the registration).

In order to obtain Russian Tourist Visa please contact the nearest Russian Consulate or Embassy in your home country.

Monomax PCO provides visa support papers ONLY after receiving hotel accommodation pre-payment!

PLEASE NOTE: Most often fax copy of invitation is enough. In some countries Russian Consulate requires the originals of a voucher to be presented. In this case the fee for post courier delivery is charged separately.

Please be advised that in order to obtain the visa your passport must be valid for at least 3 months after the proposed date.

According to the Russian Federation migration law concerning registration procedure of foreign citizens on the territory of Russian Federation hotels take all responsibilities for fulfilling this statement.

According to the above hotels take registration fee in the amount of 5 EUR per person for the whole period of stay this amount is to be paid by the guest directly to the hotel cash desk upon arrival. If you extend period of stay for more than initially paid registration additionally the amount of 5 EUR is charged for the extension.

If for any reason you need business visa support letter for your trip please note that it takes at least one month to obtain it. You need originals of documents of visa support letter to be presented in the Russian Consulate. The price of business visa support letter is RUR 2000. The price of express mail delivery is RUR 2500. Please send your request for business visa on E-mail osc2008@onlinereg.ru (when writing an email, please inform us of your login number that you got after the registration).

Business visa form which should be fully fulfilled is located here.

Important guidelines to proper filling in your visa application:

1. Formal invitation sender (organization): Monomax PCO.

2. MFA reference number of Monomax: 0343
Address: 2, Sestroretskaya str., St. Petersburg 197183 Russia
Major Office Address: 2, Sestroretskaya str., St. Petersburg 197183 Russia
Tel: +7 812 335-2055

3. Reason for visit to Russia: TOURISM (please do not state any other purpose of visit as you are applying for a Tourist visa). Tourist visa can not be extended.

4. Russian department or organization to be visited: NO ORGANIZATIONS TO BE VISITED

5. Name and reference number of the tourist group: Individual trip

6. Hotel: please indicate in your visa application the hotel name that is written in the papers you have got from our company (voucher) !!!

According to the Russian legislation all foreign citizens coming to Russia must be registered in state bodies or in the hotel (in case you have valid hotel reservation) within first 3 working days from crossing the border.

If you booked hotel through Monomax PCO or you stay at your friendsí place or make your own hotel reservation, IN ANY CASE IN YOUR VISA APPLICATION PLEASE INDICATE THE HOTEL NAME THAT IS WRITTEN IN THE PAPERS YOU HAVE GOT FROM OUR COMPANY. This helps us to shorten and simplify the procedure of invitation letter issue and your registration upon arrival to St. Petersburg. This will not cause any inconvenience to you even if you will stay at any other place in St. Petersburg during your visit.

When you get the invitation letter, please, check the information carefully.

In case of any mistakes contact the representative of Monomax PCO.

Good luck in obtaining your visa.

If you have any further questions or need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.